Beiersdorf Chooses Winners of the 2015 Innovation Competition


Second “Beiersdorf Innovation Pitch” at international trade fair “in-cosmetics”

• This year winners are AZELIS Deutschland Kosmetik GmbH, SILAB S.A. and SYMRISE AG
• Winning ideas will be further developed together


Hamburg, (April 15th, 2015) – As part of in-cosmetics, the world’s largest trade fair for cosmetic ingredients, last night Beiersdorf crowned the three winners of this year’s Beiersdorf Innovation Pitch in Barcelona. The winners are AZELIS Deutschland Kosmetik GmbH for a cross-industry approach to new sensorial experiences, SILAB S.A. for a new active ingredient for compromised skin and SYMRISE AG for an innovative formulation platform. Now the distinguished companies have the chance to continue to develop their promising projects under the umbrella of Beiersdorf’s strong brands NIVEA and Eucerin. A total of 46 exhibitors submitted their ideas for the competition.


Picture "in-cosmetics"


May Shana’a, Head of Global Beiersdorf Research & Development, presented the awards to the winners of the second big innovation competition of the NIVEA producer before an audience of about 500 trade fair exhibitors and visitors. “Innovation is the foundation of our success. With our strong brands we aspire to be the No. 1 skin care company in our relevant markets. In order to achieve this, collaboration with external partners is essential,” says May Shana’a. “That’s why I’m so happy that our innovation competition is a success once again this year. The suggestions that were submitted have again exceeded our expectations with their high quality and potential.”

The Beiersdorf Innovation Pitch is part of “Pearlfinder”, the overarching open innovation initiative which Beiersdorf started in 2011. Pearlfinder is a confidential network based on a secure web platform that enables knowledge sharing between Beiersdorf Research & Development and external partners all over the world. Here Beiersdorf researchers post technical problems for which external partners can submit possible solutions. With this secure and confidential space, it is also possible for our partners to submit new innovative ideas to be explored jointly with Beiersdorf.

Success Stories

NIVEA – The Expert in Shaving Care
The (r)evolution of body shaving – smooth and nourished legs with an eye-catching, sensual feel.
For more than a 100 years, NIVEA has been the expert in Skin Care based on strong innovation. Therefore, it was a logical step to take, to develop a shaver encompassing all needs for women.
NIVEA invented Care Shaving. Austria’s No.1 Skin Care brand has tackled a very special and hairy topic for women. Until now, this topic has largely belonged to the men’s world with the market dominated by men’s shaving products for the category. Although daily shaving has been a routine adopted by most Austrian women for the past 15 years, there has been an absence for shaving products specific to female body hair.
Beiersdorf developed a shaver with an innovative flexible joint.
The NIVEA Protect & Shave Razor Gel protects the skins and prevents skin irritations with Vitamin E after use.
The Nivea Shower and Shave Gel helps to carefully remove all hair directly under the shower without the use of additional shaving foam.
The After Shave Body Lotion with Panthenol gives the skin a long lasting silky-soft skin sensation.


From molecule to market

As a leading skincare company, Beiersdorf always is on the lookout also for suppliers that enable the upscaling of experimental substances.         

At the end of the ‘90s, Beiersdorf researchers in Hamburg discovered a promising skin-moisturizing active substance, but cost-effective production of the raw material proved difficult. In this situation trustful cooperation with a long-standing supplier provided the solution: Thanks to their close cooperation Beiersdorf researchers were familiar with the supplier’s spectrum of process technologies and asked him if a certain technology could also be used to produce the skin moisturizer they had discovered. He tried it - successfully. PictureSoon the supplier was able to deliver the active substance exclusively and on good terms in the desired amounts. Known as “Hydra IQ”, it now provides optimal skin moisturization in nearly all NIVEA body care products, including the Beiersdorf top seller: the blue NIVEA Body Milk.

And the success story continues: in the meantime “Hydra IQ“ is used also in many NIVEA Visage products such as the “NIVEA Aqua Sensation” line. His openness to innovation has been worthwhile for the supplier. By registering on TRUSTED NETWORK you enter information about your fields of expertise, making such requests possible.





Priviledged partnership pays off

The personal care products from Beiersdorf are distinguished by the high quality and outstanding innovations based on well-established expertise in research and development.  Privileged collaboration with several partners also helps to continuously improve the Beiersdorf range.

PictureIn the body care segment Beiersdorf has long been a trendsetter in the development of innovative deodorants and antiperspirants. One example is “Invisible Black&White”, a deodorant that leaves no white spots on black fabrics or yellow stains in white clothing, which became the global shooting star of 2011.

For years, Beiersdorf scientists had been exploring potential technologies to counteract these stains. In their research work a certain raw material class stood out as the possible problem solver. Working together with a long-standing collaborator, Beiersdorf researchers and developers put these substances through extensive testing; at one point even a joint laboratory was set up in the Beiersdorf Research Center in Hamburg for this project. In future Beiersdorf  will search with TRUSTED NETWORK for new partners who can offer certain raw material classes and are interested in collaborating with Beiersdorf.

The substance discovered in this joint search also effectively convinced consumers in the first months of sales: “Invisible Black&White” became the most successful deodorant launch in Beiersdorf’s history. The collaborator profited greatly from this close cooperation: not only because he obtained exclusive and profound insights into Beiersdorf product development but also because more collaborative projects followed.